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The replacement stylus is model NE95ED. You can purchase this stylus from our Parts Department at 800-516-2525 or 847-600-8699. A complete cross reference of cartridge versus stylus can be found at the following link: Santhana gopala krishnam lyrics in malayalam
Used in: Shure M95, Shure M95ED, Shure M-95ED, Shure M95, Shure M-95HE, Shure M-95EJ, Shure M-95G, Shure AM-99ED, Shure C-965, Shure E-945, Shure EC-22, Shure EC-095ED, Shure EL-965, Shure M-83PED, Shure M-96EDT2, Shure M-095, Shure M-105EG, Shure M-115ED, Shure M-250ED, Shure M-295ED, Shure M-495ED, Shure M-595, Shure Pro-95, Shure R-9000E ...

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Upgrade Shure M95ED Accedi per poterlo seguire . Seguaci 0. Upgrade Shure M95ED. Da sparrow, 17 Gennaio, 2014 in Vintage Room. Chi ha letto il Post ...

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Shure M95ED mit BlackDiamond Nadel MM Tonabnehmer €79 Sep 22, 2020 Subito Pioneer PL-550 + Shure M95ED "Mint" da collezione Subito €550 Sep 29, 2020

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N95ed type BLISS™ Needle for M95ED This is a high quality, made in Japan aftermarket needle for the Shure type N95ED. OEM Shure was an elliptical 0.2 x 0.7 tip (high-end elliptical) Our Japan version is an elliptical 0.3 x 0.7 tip (middle)

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Replacement stylus, suitable for SHURE M 95 ED. This Stylus is equipped with a real diamond and is therefore very durable. The well-sounding and high-quality elliptical cut is also a special feature in this price range.

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SHURE HI-TRACK M95HE -当店はVintage Audio(ヴィンテージオーディオ)製品を中心に取り扱っております。中古アンプ・スピーカー・レコードを取り扱っており,商品は全て整備・調整等を行った後販売しております。 スピーカーも全て視聴販売可能です。近くにお立ち寄りの際は是非一度ご覧になってみて ...

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Hi guys, I am awaiting delivery of a Shure M95ED Cartridge from EBay and I want to buy a replacement N95 Stylus. My understanding is that the Jico SAS is the best replacement but I don't want to spend that much yet. Can any one point me in the right direction which one and where to order from?

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The Shure M95ED was my first cartridge upgrade (from the M75ED) in 1977. I used this cartridge initially on a Pioneer PL12D turntable but mostly on a Yamaha YP-511. Much of my listening in the late 70s and early 80s was conducted with this cartridge.

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Shure M95ED/ej/g. M95EDは針先に楕円ダイヤ針を使用することで実効質量が軽減されており、ダイナミックレンジの広いソースに対しても追従できる優れたトラッ.

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